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Name:Jenny "Wren" Starling
Birthdate:Dec 15
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Website:Wren Starling Hub
In 2009, I discovered that I am an auspex, a long-dead profession (later absorbed by the term "augur") of divination through birds. I then wrote my own bird oracle cards and am currently in the process of designing the art. I also read and interpret omens related to birds; if a bird, for example, is appearing surprisingly often in your life, or something extraordinary occurs involving birds or representations of birds.

In addition, I am a practitioner of magic(k), and am particularly good at recognizing objects with are particularly well charged for magical purposes. I design and perform spells and rituals to use those objects, and for general magical purposes, as well. I have a blog for that portion of my practice, Crackin' Wise: an irreverent wise woman's blog.

I am now doing readings with my deck, using my set of layouts as follows:

Egg, a one card reading, examples of which you can see in my monthly one card draw, for $5

Hatching Chick, a two card reading, with the chick card partially out of the egg card, for more detail - $8

Wings, a three card reading - $15

Bird, a five card reading - $20

Simple Nest, with one card in the center (the egg) and then a circle of eight - $30

Complex Nest, with three "egg" cards in the center, with a "nesting bird" on top of the center egg card and a circle of ten cards - $40.

I can be contacted at wrenstarling at comcast dot net and I accept Paypal. You can even order right here!

Bird Oracle Deck Readings

Thank you and welcome!

Please remember that you must make your own choices, that I am neither a doctor nor a lawyer, and what you do with the advice you receive is completely up to you. Federal law states that I have to tell you that this is for entertainment purposes only.
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