Jul. 12th, 2011

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Anonymous who asked about whether he or she was ready to move away from family



Please comment here as soon as possible to claim your free Wings reading! You may also contact me directly by email at my username at comcast dot net. If you do not contact me within a day or two, I will draw another name and you will lose your free reading. You may, if you want, gift your reading to someone else who participated in the one card draw. Thank you and congratulations!

Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful participation in my first one card draw! I am blown away; this has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! I look forward to seeing you all again next month, and please feel free to stick around; in addition to my one card draws, I do a blog post at least once a month. Thank you again; I am so happy to be of service to you!

My apologies for my slowness; my children were a real handful yesterday. I will be doing the rest of the readings today, and once they are done, I will be selecting the lucky winners of the THREE Wings readings our wonderful supporters have earned for you!

Welcome to the first One Card Draw here at Wren Starling's blog!

Comment and I will pull a card for you from my original bird oracle deck. Anyone and everyone is welcome! The more detail you give, the better I can interpret the card's meaning for you, which is my role as intermediary, however, even just a request will get my best effort; it's up to you.

If you are facing a choice, the cards may help point in the most positive direction for you. You may request an overall card to meditate upon. You might want a card to let you know what new thing may come into your life in the near future, or what is the most important thing facing you at this time. You may ask a specific question and we will see if the universal subconscious can answer it for you. However you use this opportunity, I hope it will be helpful!

If you post a link to today's one card draw in your blog/facebook feed/twitter/etc, you may request a second card! Otherwise, please keep it to one request per person so that the most people may be served. Thank you!

Today, I'm working for tips; please support my work if you can!

If total tips exceed $25, I will select a random commenter (people who post about me will get an extra chance!) to receive a free Wings reading, and I will add another free Wings reading at every $25 increment! Thank you for your support!

Update: We have reached $75! THREE free Wings readings will be given to randomly chosen commenters! TRIPLE YAY! We are now a bit over $20 away from a FOURTH free reading! Thank you SO MUCH!


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