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The recent mass death of red winged blackbirds in Arkansas could hardly slip past my notice. Right off the bat, I want to make clear that I accept the conclusion that fireworks startled the birds into a panicked low flight that led to their deaths as they crashed into buildings and other structures. The only alternative of the many wild ones suggested that I think has any validity at all is that there is a fault line in Arkansas and I do think that the birds may also be signaling a likelihood of a serious earthquake that way sometime this year, though I would put it at at least three months off, and maybe not till sometime around next New Year's Eve. They might have already been on edge because of their sensitivity and the fireworks sent them over.

On a personal level, my father used the red winged blackbird as a sign that he was with us, and, in concert with some other events and signs, I think this is the final sign that he has moved on and will not be visiting me anymore from the afterlife. It was time, and I'm okay with it. The last thing he did was nudge me into one of his hobbies, so you can see that we were getting past the point where hanging around made sense.

Red winged blackbirds specifically aren't part of my Bird Oracle, but blackbirds are. They are an Air bird, although they do maintain faint connection with the earth, like a rising column of smoke. They are the bird of sleep, hypnosis, and latency, both latent talent and latent thoughts. They also represent a time of waiting for a small but important thing to happen. These shy, timid birds keep to themselves as they sing us to sleep and bring out the things we didn't know we had inside.


wrenstarling: A light effect gull in flight on a black background (Default)
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