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This month we didn't make any of our perks, but I'm still VERY grateful to those of you who were able to donate and help keep this going! Thank you SO MUCH!

The overall feeling this month was of mystery and the deep subconscious, with several appearances of the Loon and the Frigate Bird and a number of other similar birds. The cards were really accurate and appropriate for almost everyone, I'm happy to say, though always sorry for those people I have to give less-than-great news to!

I look forward to reading for you again in September!
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Thank you, again, for making my first one card draw so wildly successful! Between this account and the mirror at LJ, we had 65 people get one or two card (TONS of you publicized my draw!) readings, and I received enough donations to give away another three Wings (3-card) readings! The winners have been announced on the original one card draw post, and I look forward to doing their readings!

Wren, amusingly, was the most drawn card, I believe, but there were few repeats, so a wide variety of cards were drawn. In general, people seemed very satisfied with their reads and the cards seemed appropriate and had clear interpretations for almost everyone. This was also a test of my deck, and I'm pleased that it passed with flying colors!

I thank you again for your patience; my children were really on a tear yesterday and that slowed down my readings considerably; I hope to be more prompt next month!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. One person asked if the deck will be for sale, and I answered that I am currently not sure whether I will ultimately sell copies of it or not. I am designing the art (which is a work very in progress) with that possibility in mind, but I may end up choosing to keep the deck unique; time will tell!

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly loved reading for all of you and look forward to doing it again next month!


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