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I thought, in honor of the upcoming holiday, I would post about some of the birds my practice has defined as among the more romantic. Some will be familiar to you, some less so. Let's start with one of the latter. The Eagle is one of the major arcana of my bird oracle, linked to I in the Ogham. This bird is truly the knight in shining armor, representing service, nobility, and strength. While all eagles are covered by this meaning, I would consider the golden eagle to be the best for our purposes here. This particularly beautiful bird has been known to take down wolves and typically mates for life.

Another bird of the major arcana, linked to G in the Ogham, is the Mute Swan; this is the swan commonly kept in pairs on ponds; interestingly, another swan, the Bewick's or Whistling Swan, is also in the Ogham, associated with E, and is the bird of the monk! However, this swan is the bird of the maiden, associated with sweetness, beauty, delicacy and love, although it is also one of the toughest swans, not to be trifled with lightly!

There are many birds that represent many types and aspects of femininity and masculinity. Some strongly feminine birds include the lapwing (the queen, beginnings), owl (wisdom, subtlety, balance), goose (grandmother, healer) and hen (the mother), while some strongly masculine birds include the gull (protection, respect, rowdiness), cardinal (fatherly protector), turkey (cunning and virility), and bluejay (lovable rogue).

Parrots, like their vibrant colors suggest, are quite passionate, and have intense bonds with their lovers, and their long lives make them good representatives of long-term relationships as well.
Magpies are a good reference for couples who perhaps need to build a bridge to each other or are at a great distance; there is a Chinese legend in which magpies make a bridge for two star-crossed lovers to meet.
For new or courting lovers, the pheasant, bird of summer, magic and high libido is a good option.

Always trumping all of these, though, are the personalized symbols that come naturally to your relationships; nothing is better than showing your loved one(s) that you are paying attention. :)


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