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It's a day that is considered a beginning for many, so I think a good day for my first post here.
I welcome in the New Year, and this blog, with the Southern Masked Weaver, which is a bit like the "goldfinch of Africa", although it is actually related more closely to sparrows.
The most notable thing about this bird is, like all weavers, its complexly woven nest, which the males make over and over again to allow the females a plentiful selection; when she chooses one, she lines it with soft grass and feathers. These noisy, tuneless birds are plentiful in Africa. This is a bird of bright beginnings and being unafraid to put oneself out there again and again and again until the magic happens, and I cannot imagine a more apt meaning today.

So, why birds? Birds are everywhere, in the wettest places and the driest, the hottest and the coldest, and everywhere in between. They swim in the ocean and fill the skies. They rest in trees, in hollows in the ground, they flock in the cities and on the farms.
The language of the birds is the long lost first language, filled with magic and mysticism, the key to unfolding the knowledge of the universe, and why not? Birds sing, and music is, itself, a kind of magic, and a universal language.
Birds are, simply, unquestionably special. They have much to tell us if we know how to listen.

I have ears to hear and a voice to share. Welcome!


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