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While I'm not sure there's such a thing as a "typical" card-reader (medium, fortune teller, insert term of choice here), I am sure that I wouldn't be one if there were, and I thought I should tell you all about my approach. It's not just my deck that is unique!

Most importantly, I'm an atheist. I don't believe in any deity; what I believe in is not truly sentient in the way that we think of it; deterministic and conscious. I believe in a kind of universal subconscious, a complicated sort of hive-mind kind of thing. It is this that I believe we are tapping into with our various methods. The methods we use, cards, runes, signs and symbols, are all about slipping into the stream of information, the tangled web of all the awareness in the universe, sideways and drawing out bits and pieces that are relevant to us.

I believe that my role is that of interpreter; I have a good line into this pool of information, one that works particularly well for me, and I'm able to fish for others as well as myself; in fact, I'm better at fishing for others than for myself! I'm a better conduit than I am an end point. This means that the more information I get from your end of the equation, the more accurately I can interpret what I get at the end of my line. So I and my deck work best when you give us a detailed question to answer...although we also are less likely to get a 100% clear answer the more specific the question is, because the smaller the fish we are looking for, the harder it is to catch. Again, this is part of my role; I might catch a fish two over from the one we really wanted and I have to deduce what the fish we really wanted was trying to say. Fortunately, these fish swim in interrelated schools. It's also part of my role to help you shape your question so that it is specific enough to get a good answer but still give us the biggest fish to catch possible; good calibration of the question is part of what makes me a good fisher of information.

So, first, I discovered my calling and created my deck; that would be the line in the water. You give me questions; that's the bait. I, sometimes with, sometimes without your help, fine tune that bait to catch the ideal fish. I catch a fish, and, even when less than ideal, it came because it was interested in the bait; because it was related to your question, and I take that fish and read its bones for you; I find out how it is related to that bait; sometimes we do that together, as you might have information that might allow me to interpret the results more accurately or completely. Then, if worse comes to worst, we can always go fishing again!

Yes, I like analogies and metaphors; it kind of goes hand in hand with what I do! Divination is very much an art rather than a science, but there is method in it, and I wanted to give you a peek into mine. I hope this was helpful!

P.S. Now I want to go fishing. Or at least have fish for lunch or something!

P.P.S. Yes, I should have used a bird analogy. Oh, well!
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I just noticed that "flocking" sounds a lot like a certain "naughty" word. *laugh* So, the birds are cranky with me. I have not been working like I should, and they are letting me know. I cannot drive anywhere without birds flying in front of my car, though they are usually kind enough not to make me slam on my brakes...usually! They have pooped on my house and my trash can, and are threatening to do the same to my car and my mailbox.
This morning, a whole flock of starlings landed in my front yard and then took off with a great ruckus when I didn't notice them right away. Oops! So, in apology, I am getting my butt in gear and writing this post. Of course, I can only write about starlings!

The most awesome thing about starlings is the way they flock. Here's a link to someone talking about how people love to capture flocks of starlings on photo and film. The photos and videos collected in that post are enough to really give you a taste of what it's like. To me, it's like watching living abstract art. It cannot help but inspire awe...and maybe a little terror if you are familiar with Hitchcock's The Birds!

One look at my name will tell you that starlings are important to me. When I was first discovering my calling as an auspex, I recalled how starlings had been nesting at my house for some time; we even saved their babies, which I considered a good sign for my own struggles with fertility. (We have two children now.) We even took to calling our home Starling House...all before I knew I was an auspex!

So, what does starling mean? In the kind of synchronicity that has filled my experiences since my calling came to me, it is completely and utterly appropriate for me. Starling is in the bird Ogham, the major arcana of my bird oracle, and speaks about being present in the now, smoldering fires, the shaping of things, bending/turns, patterns especially in terms of language/communication and groups, directness/honesty (sometimes with unfortunate consequences), being a Speaker and unafraid to show your voice.
For me, I am rather renowned for my directness and honesty. Being an auspex was a very unexpected turn of events in my life, but filled with patterns and meaning, and starling told me to live in the now and move forward, to use my voice as a speaker and interpreter for the birds. How could I not listen?
If starlings are speaking to you, perhaps change is coming or has recently come to your life, or perhaps it is time to speak up and say loud and proud what is in your heart. Starlings live big and bold and vibrantly, and we do well to emulate them!
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It's a day that is considered a beginning for many, so I think a good day for my first post here.
I welcome in the New Year, and this blog, with the Southern Masked Weaver, which is a bit like the "goldfinch of Africa", although it is actually related more closely to sparrows.
The most notable thing about this bird is, like all weavers, its complexly woven nest, which the males make over and over again to allow the females a plentiful selection; when she chooses one, she lines it with soft grass and feathers. These noisy, tuneless birds are plentiful in Africa. This is a bird of bright beginnings and being unafraid to put oneself out there again and again and again until the magic happens, and I cannot imagine a more apt meaning today.

So, why birds? Birds are everywhere, in the wettest places and the driest, the hottest and the coldest, and everywhere in between. They swim in the ocean and fill the skies. They rest in trees, in hollows in the ground, they flock in the cities and on the farms.
The language of the birds is the long lost first language, filled with magic and mysticism, the key to unfolding the knowledge of the universe, and why not? Birds sing, and music is, itself, a kind of magic, and a universal language.
Birds are, simply, unquestionably special. They have much to tell us if we know how to listen.

I have ears to hear and a voice to share. Welcome!


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