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I asked, on this Winter Solstice, what the universe wanted to share with us. Two cards insisted on presenting themselves.

The first makes me laugh, because it is heavily associated with worshiping the sun! The Osprey is a noble bird, able to attract prey by sheer charisma, but with a high code of honor. First and foremost, respect others as you respect yourself (and vice versa), even those one clashes with, showing respect via restraint. This bird sees through rationalizations and self deception as well as other illusions. Splash in. Eat fish. This bird is drawn to water as well as the sun, and speaks also of the harmony of sun and water.

The second card is Roadrunner. This bird, unsurprisingly, is first and foremost about SPEED! This includes multitasking, being verbally quick, and mental agility, too! Roadrunners are also tough and quick enough to take on a rattlesnake. While independence is good and natural for this bird, it also warns that independence can backfire, so don't be afraid to accept a little help if you need it.

Both these cards are strong and fierce, without being aggressive. Osprey loves the sun with us and reminds us to love the water as well, and to enjoy the play of the two together. Examine purselves for delusions, deceptions and rationalizations and face the truth. Roadrunner drives us to hit the ground running; we can do everything we need to do, mostly on our own, but we must be sure to take help when we need it. Go forward...into the light.

Happy/Merry/Blessed/Sacred Solstice!


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