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One day, as the school year was winding down, I had to pick my son up at school, and was distracted as we were leaving when I caught sight of a hawk that seemed to have something to say. I tried to find it, but I had missed the message. However, the hawk followed me home. On another day, I arrived home with my husband to have the hawk circle right over our heads, giving a stunning view of the detail on the underside of his wings. Since then, I have seen it a few more times; admittedly, I'm not outside that often; it tends to be hot and sticky out there and I like my environment climate controlled. Clearly, we are an important part of its territory.

It is appropriate that hawk has come to me; it is a bird that brings a sense of activity and urgency, that encourages one to DO something, and I need that nudge. The hawk is also the bird of messages and communication, of the in-between, and of useful tools.

Yes, yes, hawk, I'm listening! I will be doing more to expand and advertise my services in these months, and the first step is my first one card draw. I will be drawing cards for all comers on Tuesday, July 12, so mark your calendars now! Tips will be accepted and there will be bonus incentives!


wrenstarling: A light effect gull in flight on a black background (Default)
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